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Silver Support

Silver support is our basic cover which provides you what we believe to be the minimum requirement to ensure that your machines are kept working and your staff and patients are protected from outbreak.

To ensure optimum performance and to prevent any nasty surprises, we recommend bedpan washers & pulp macerators are serviced twice a year. This service level ensures the correct adjustments; calibration and lubrication of critical parts are carried out while also helping the management of scale.

Incontinence macerators should be serviced four times a year to allow for standard service plus the maintenance of sharp cutting blades in order to maximise the effectiveness of the machine.

Our engineers will thoroughly service your machinery, identify and replace any components approaching failures as well as diagnose any issues.

We will ensure that your machines are meeting the manufacturer’s performance specifications and best practice healthcare standards. We will also, where necessary, make recommendations to keep your sluice/dirty utility room/s at optimal efficiency.

In addition to our planned maintenance visits, we off all maintenance customers a 20% discount on all DDC Dolphin spare parts, discounted reactive call outs and preferential call out times.

Silver Support includes:

  • Scheduled servicing:
    • 2 per year for Panamatic disinfectors and Pulpmatic macerators
    • 4 per year for Incomatic macerators
  • HTM2030 or HTM – standard testing
  • Basic Asset Reporting
  • Annual advanced invoicing
  • 72 hours response time
  • Staff training on commissioning of machine plus best practice usage

To find out more or to begin our Silver Support planned preventative maintenance plan, contact us today.

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