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Platinum Support

Sometimes the demands and risks to clinicians as well as the needs of your patients demands that a provision be put in place that covers you for every eventuality.

In such cases it’s important that you feel the people servicing your sluice/dirty utility room solution is as much a part of the team as anyone because failure is simple not an option.

For hospitals or care facilities where the demand and uptime is so high and a potential outbreak devastating, the Platinum Support planned preventative maintenance solution will give you the peace of mind you need.

The Platinum Support planned preventative maintenance package covers you for all eventualities. A dedicated account manager will make sure that nothing gets left to chance, working with you to pre-plan service visits and prioritise your sluice/dirty room solutions to keep them working at optimum efficiency.

In addition to early diagnosis and preventative maintenance, our engineers will rigorously test your machines drawing up a bespoke maintenance road map for each unit, significantly extending their life expectancy.

We also assess scale management to determine if your solution meets both your needs and healthcare standards. By doing this we can prevent critical failures by identifying process or capacity issues in advance. This can prolong the life of key components and reduce likelihood or equipment failure.

Where changes need to be made, we will work with you to make sure deployment of new machines is done quickly and effectively, with the minimal disruption to your clinicians or patients.

Where required we can support you further with asset reporting, dedicated engineer expertise and a consumables stock rotation service so you are never run out of those essential supplies.

The Platinum support preventative maintenance plan also entitles you to discounts on all DDC Dolphin spare parts and reactive call outs. This is in addition to the preferred call out times the service already grants you.

Your Platinum Support planned preventative maintenance service includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • All standard service visits
  • All parts (excluding consumables)
  • All reactive call-out charges
  • All labour costs
  • 24 hour response time
  • HTM2030 or HTM – standard testing
  • Advanced and bespoke asset reporting
  • Service reviews and dedicated support
  • Expert support and guidance for design and layouts of sluice/dirty utility rooms in existing or new facilities
  • Stock rotation service for consumables
  • Support and training to ensure you meet all regulatory requirements

To find out more or to begin our Platinum Support planned preventative maintenance plan, contact us today.

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