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Panamatic XLS

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Designed primarily for use in nursing facilities and small clinics, the Panamatic XLS is designed to be a basic but highly effective bedpan disinfecting solution.

Equipped with dosage monitoring, three disinfecting programmes and moderate capacity, the XLS offers a base level of functionality without compromising on clinician or patient safety.

Our thermal disinfection technology rapidly and effectively decontaminates items fully in compliance with European Standards ISO15883.

All of our Panamatic XL range comes fitted with our Empty Total System. This is a special device for automatically emptying all of the water present at the end of each cycle from the water pump, water storage tank and pipes, ensuring a consistent hygienic and efficient system.

Simple Operation

  • ISO15883 compliant
  • Large capacity
  • Empty Total System
  • Automatic disinfection

To view the full specification, download our PDF