Washer Disinfectors – Front Loading Washer Disinfectors – Front Loading

Washer Disinfectors – Front Loading

Front loading Washer Disinfectors2

Front loading washer disinfectors provide a leading hygiene solution when space or requirement demands an alternative to the traditional top loading device.

Our front loading washer disinfector range incorporates modern design concepts and the latest technological advances to provide your clinicians with a safe and effective solution to infection control

The entire DDC Dolphin XL range complies with the latest European Standards (ISO 15883) and water regulations, therefore guaranteeing the highest hygiene and disinfection levels.

Empty Total System

Our XL range automatically empties all the water present at the end of each cycle from the water pump, the water storage tank and the pipes in compliance with EN ISO 15883-1

Versatile Installation

The front-loading XL range can be wall mounted, supplied as a built in unit or installed under worktops depending on requirements and space.

Panamatic XLS


Capacity e.g. 3 urine bottles;  1 urine bottle and 1 bedpan

Our entry level front loading Panamatic has been designed for use in care facilities and clinics.  Only available in manual operation mode, it offers exceptional cleaning at an affordable price.





Panamatic XLC

XLC Capacity e.g.  3 urine bottles; 1 bed pan + 1 urinal bottle

Where space is at an absolute premium, the Panamatic XLC offers care facilities and clinics the level of protection against infectious disease they need without sacrificing badly needed space.






Panamatic XL2

XL2Capacity e.g. 2 urinals + 2 bedpans

With exceptional capacity, the Panamatic XL2 is ideal for high volume or high dependency wards.  Its installation options, including wall mount and in-cabinet, make it ideal for sluice/dirty utility rooms when space is a premium.