Redefining Infection Control

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Medical Pulp Macerators

A robust infection control procedure is underpinned by capital equipment that you can trust to dispose of infectious material quickly, effectively and with minimum risk to your team.

We work with carefully selected partners around the world to ensure no matter where you are you can get the infection control solution you need.

Our range of pulp/pan macerators have been designed to provide you with a fast and safe human waste disposal solution whilst delivering passive safety measures to minimise the risk of infection.

Anti-microbial Action

Our anti-microbial technology prevents the growth of harmful microbes so your clinicians or care workers can safely dispose of potentially harmful waste with the minimum risk of infection.

Hands-free Technology

All of our pan macerators use our patented Hands-free Technology, avoiding unnecessary contact with the macerator thus preventing the spread of harmful spores to the device or from the device to the clinician and patients.


Automatic disinfection dosing cleans the drum of the pan macerator after each cycle in order to eliminate 99.999% of spores associated with major healthcare acquired infections.