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Incomatic Incontinence Macerator Incomatic Incontinence Macerator

Incomatic Incontinence Macerator


Tackling potentially embarrassing issues like incontinence quickly and effectively is important to maintaining high levels of care and the dignity of the patient or service user involved.

DDC Dolphin Incomatic macerators present a convenient and hygienic means of disposing of incontinence pads and nappies quickly and efficiently giving your clinicians more time to support the individual.

In a fast 2 minute cycle, incontinence products are shredded into fine particles and then discharged into the sewerage system.

This means there’s no smell, mess or need to store anything, dramatically cutting down on potential risk of infection.

How the Incomatic Macerator benefits you

Our Incomatic machines are engineered to provide you with a convenient and easy to use to solution to the safe disposal of incontinence pads and nappies.

The hands free technology opening prevents the spread of any potential spread of infectious diseases and extra convenience.

Specially designed cutting technology ensures efficient and effective shredding.  A chamber disinfection facility is also available on request.

All DDC Dolphin products are supported by our leading aftersales and service network. We are committed to supporting you provide your patients or service users with the best possible care and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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