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DDC Dolphin supply and manufacture state-of-the-art bedpan washer disinfectors, incontinence macerators, and pulp macerators. Our philosophy to design and manufacture is simple but effective. We aim to provide the very best quality innovative products, at competitive prices._DSC2737

We use high quality stainless steel throughout our product line, as we believe it is one of the cleanest and most resilient surfaces available for dirty utility room / sluice room appliances. Where appropriate to HTM 64 and ISO 15883. We are currently incorporating microbe safe surfaces into our range of products to support infection control. Hands-free operation, and a more efficient dry macerating cycle are both recent design initiatives that are patent pending, and incorporated into our new Pulpmatic Macerators.

At DDC Dolphin we believe that having the right equipment for the job is important to our customers to maximise efficiency, minimise power and water consumption, reduce down-time due to breakdowns, and control the risk of infection. We supplement our specialist equipment with a comprehensive service and maintenance provision, aimed at reducing down-time and costs.

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