Redefining Infection Control

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Sluice/pan/dirty utility rooms are integral to the cleanliness and smooth running of hospitals and care homes. The ability to dispose of medical waste efficiently and minimise the risk of infection to patients is the top priority for your nurses or care staff.

A Well Planned Sluice Room

Wherever you are in the world, planning and designing an effective sluice/dirty utility/pan room is vital when it comes to ensuring that risks of infection are controlled on your facility.

Ensuring that your sluice/pan/dirty utility room has a clear flow at the design stage ensures it has dedicated areas for specific tasks. This way you can ensure that ALL members of your staff follow the correct procedures when disposing of potentially infectious material.

We at DDC Dolphin are industry leaders and are able to advise you on the best ways to ensure that your sluice/pan/dirty utility room provisions not only meet government guidelines and legislation, but also fit in the space you have available.

Innovation by Design

By designing a room to your specific requirements and capacity, DDC Dolphin can ensure that your staff have everything they need to maximise productivity and minimise risk of infection!

We have incorporated anti-microbial technology into our range of washer disinfectors/bedpan sanitisers and pulp/pan macerators to support your infection control procedures.

Hands-free operation prevents the transfer of infectious material on to the unit itself and a cold macerating cycle is both environmentally friendly and more efficient.

We will help your design teams at this critical stage of the hospital design process with any information they need to produce a design that is guaranteed to be fit for purpose and works within the wider design.

Our unique one-stop-shop methodology to sluice/pan/dirty utility room design makes us the ideal partner for that stage of the project.

Committed to Quality

Our extensive knowledge in all aspects of sluice/pan/dirty utility room design and equipment gives us a unique understanding of how these integral parts of a hospital or care home need to work.

We are here to offer impartial advice and to work with you to tailor solutions to your requirements. We provide detailed specifications of each product we manufacture which, along with architectural plans for each unit, allow direct incorporation into overall design documentation.

View our case studies and for more information on how we can work with you on your next project or to request CAD drawings, contact us today.