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Favorit fracture pan – Box of 12

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Favorit fracture pan – Box of 12

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Long Life Reusable Polypropylene Adult Slipper Pan with handle and lid for use in Nursing, Rehabilitation and Elderly Care.

Suitable for both male and female use.
Ideal for patients confined to bed.
Lightweight, strong and durable.
Secure fitting lid to prevent leaks and spills and reduces cross infection an unpleasant odours.
Can be cleaned in automatic washer disinfectors or hand washed.
Smooth material surfaces ensure ease of use and ease of cleaning.
Suitable for bariatric use – weight tested up to 250kg (39.5 stone)
Guaranteed for a minimum of 1000 wash cycles.

Slipper Bedpan with Handle and Lid – 1500ml Capacity
449mm x 309mm x 99mm
Weight 0.85kg
Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device (CE Marked)
Complies with following Standards:
” ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
€” ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices – Quality Management System
€” BS 2588:1995 Reusable Portable Sanitary Pans
Manufactured from polypropylene
Sterilizable up to 134°C
Suitable for male and female use.
For use in a seated or as a slipper pan under a supine patient.
Close lid after use to reduce odour and risk of spills.
Empty after each use.
Weight endurance tested up to 250 kg (39.5 stone). Advisable maximum usage time of up to 5 minutes – care should be given to patient comfort and safe positioning.
For Hospital Use – Wash before first use. Clean in automatic washer disinfectors compliant to ISO 15883.
Wash cycle at 80°C. Disinfection cycle at 90°C. For further processing information, refer to machine manufacturers instructions and local hospital policy.
For Personal Use – Wash before first use in hot water with detergent.
Empty contents after use down a toilet. Rinse pan empty down a toilet.
Wash in hot water with detergent after each use and allow to dry naturally.
This product has a shelf life of 36 months from date of manufacture providing the recommended storage conditions are adhered to.
Product should be stored in its primary packaging, off the floor on a pallet or shelf, and in a clean dry ventilated room at a temperature of 4 °C – 25 C.

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Weight0.85 kg