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National Care Home Open Day


DDC Dolphin are celebrating National Care Home Open Day which is taking place for the 4th time on 17th June 2016.

The suggested theme this year is “Celebration” giving the care homes the choice to decide what to celebrate.  They can link events to the Queen’s 90th Birthday street party celebrations, the Olympic Games in Rio, celebrate the lives of their residents, the European Football Championship, or anything else they would like to celebrate!

Care homes do great things all year round and this one day is to highlight what they do within our local communities.  Care Home Open Day is about connecting people and showing how the lives of care home residents are enriched by reminding people that care homes in every community are filled with unique, intelligent and charming characters, and run by special people that really do care.

DDC Dolphin are always striving to encourage and support positive changes within the care home industry and we work closely with our care customers to achieve this.