Medical pulp and the modern sluice room

In the modern environment with an increased focus on hospital acquired infections and the seemingly endless demands on healthcare budgets, paper pulp is considered to be a clean and highly cost effective solution.

Disposable pulp products are considered a sustainable product as they are produced from recycled materials such as old phone books, newspapers, magazines, cardboard – in fact any product made of paper fibres.

Using single use pulp products to dispose of human waste certainly reduces the risk of cross-contamination and re-contamination from products moved from ward to ward.

Our product line includes items that are purpose built for managing a wide number of different, but entirely typical nursing situations that occur on an everyday basis, such as holding / collecting vomit, urine or faeces. After the designated pulp product has been used; it can safely be destroyed together with the human waste material.

DDC Dolphin medical pulp is made up of 100% biodegradable and compostable raw material, and by using along side one of our Pulpmatic macerators the waste material can be disposed of effectively through the existing drainage system.

Using pulp macerators with single use pulp products eliminates any potential contamination risk arising from reusable products.

Our Disposable Pulp Range

DDC Dolphin pulp products are ergonomically designed for ease of use with a smooth high quality finish, helping to maintain hygiene standards and reduce the risk of cross contamination and include:-

  • Good product rigidity for ease of use
  • Designed for controlled carrying and pouring
  • Suitable for use with warm fluids
  • Easy to dispose of and fully maceratable

The products are designed for general purpose use in surgeries, hospitals and care homes. We understand the importance of products that are not only cost effective, but which also give healthcare providers the confidence to perform tasks secure in the knowledge that safety and quality are key elements of the design and manufacturing processes allowing infection control strategies to be met.

DDC Dolphin pulp products are made from recycled and maceratable pulp material in compliance with PAS29:1999 for healthcare disposable products and Medical Devices Directives 93/42/EEC – Class 1 as amended by Directive (2007/47EC) where required.

For more information on our range of disposable pulp products please contact us.