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Soiled Utility Room Solutions In Canada

DDC Dolphin – Soiled Utility Room Solutions In Canada

For over 25 years the DDC Dolphin team have been dedicated to excellence and innovation in soiled utility room products, service and maintenance in Canada and around the world.

We’re extremely proud of the service that we are able to offer our customers and continue to provide comprehensive and meaningful advice, support and guidance throughout planning, design and specification processes for new or existing facilities.

Benefits Of A Macerator Vs. Conventional Washing

Healthcare associated infections
Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs)
Unique Hands Free Operation
Unique And Easy Hands Free Operation
Efficient and Economical
Efficient and Economical – Save Time And $$$s!
Dual Antimicrobial Action
Dual Antimicrobial Action – Microbesafe & Silver Nanotech
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly, Low Water/Electricity Consumption
Simple to Install
Simple to Install And Easy Servicing Programme
Versatile Operation
Versatile Operation – Compatible With All Makes
Learn More About The Benefits Of Macerators In Our Handy Guide
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