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Birmingham Care & Dementia Show a triumph for DDC Dolphin

3rd & 4th November

Care & Dimentia ShowThe Birmingham Care & Dementia Show was a triumph for DDC Dolphin. The show was well attended and provided us with an excellent opportunity to promote our full range of products.  Our new range of Hygenex consumables created great interest with our maceratable wipes suitable for use on face, body and all surfaces a big hit.  The Hygenex Consumables range has been designed to provide a complete range of cleaning products dedicated to help reduce the risk of HAI’s for use, not only in sluice/dirty utility rooms, but in environments where hygiene control is a leading factor.  Our demonstration models of  the Panamatic Midi washer disinfector and Incomatic incontinence pad macerator also attracted interest, both displaying our patented hands free operation, making them not only more convenient and more hygienic to use than other macerators and washer disinfectors but also greatly reducing the potential for cross contamination.