Redefining Infection Control

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Infection Control Infection Control

Infection Control

Infection Control is a critical part of any medical or care facility’s operation procedures.

An outbreak of a major infectious disease can devastate vulnerable people, whether they are in a hospital setting or in a care facility.

It can also put tremendous strain on wards or businesses when that infection inevitably jumps to staff and contingencies have to be put in place to maintain care levels.

Locum staff can cost the NHS over £3.5 billion a year. Effective infection control measures can see that number reduced.

DDC Dolphin’s Sluice and Dirty Utility room experts help you to minimise the risk of both Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAIs) and Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIsluice room 2-6 2-27s).

Utilising our layout and design service, a complete range of state of the art equipment and a supporting maintenance and testing programme you can provide a hygienic environment for all patients, residents and staff.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) states the importance of regular maintenance and testing of equipment and HTM 2030 01-01 testing and validation is now being carried out in an increasing number of healthcare establishments.

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