Redefining Infection Control

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Founded in 1991 in Poole, Dorset, DDC Dolphin was created with the sole ambition of being a world leading specialist in sluice/dirty utility room solutions.

As the company grew, we invested in new technologies and methodologies to produce ever more sophisticated means to combat the spread of infection.

Throughout the 1990’s DDC Dolphin developed a growing range of bedpan washers and macerators giving rise to the Panamatic and Incomatic ranges.

Unlike the majority of products on the market at the time, both product ranges emphasised user safety and infection control, not just efficient cleaning.

As the DDC Dolphin range became established in facilities around the world we introduced a dedicated maintenance team who could support not only our machines but any bedpan washer or macerator on the market.

In 2007 we launched the Pulpmatic range, the market leading macerator solution for hospitals and care facilities around the world. Hands free technology and anti-microbial coating makes it the safest macerator available.

Since then we have continued to grow and our products can now be found in facilities 26 countries on all 6 continents.

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