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Hospitals face a great many challenges, one of the greatest being infection control. Mounting time pressures makes effective infection control processes the hardest to enforce but the most important to maintain.

Making sluice/dirty utility rooms safe, efficient and cost effective helps to reduce that challenge.

DDC Dolphin can support you with:

  • Pulpmatic pulp macerators to cope with different usage patterns, saving water, electricity and reducing your costs
  • Panamatic washer disinfectors, for washing and disinfecting all types of reusable medical waste containers
  • Incomatic macerators for on-site disposal of incontinence pads and nappies
  • Hygenex stainless steel Sluice / Dirty Utility Room equipment and Hygenex consumables

Our dedicated engineers can provide preventative maintenance to keep your sluice/dirty utility room operating without interruption or respond quickly in the event of a malfunction or blockage.

We can also provide comprehensive HTM testing programmes to ensure your washer disinfectors are working efficiently and correctly to combat HCAIs.

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