Redefining Infection Control

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About DDC DolphinAbout DDC Dolphin

About DDC Dolphin

There is a real and growing need to protect patients, service users and clinicians from the risk of infection.

The rise of super bugs and the migration of major contagions like Ebola make the need to impose strict infection control systems essential to the smooth and safe running of your hospital or care facility.

Outbreaks are distressing for those affected and put your business under undue strain.

DDC Dolphin was founded on the ideal of safe guarding the vulnerable and front line clinicians from the risk of infectious diseases through innovation excellence.

Since 1991 we have invested in new technologies such as our anti-microbial coating and hands free technology interface, to bring you the most efficient, safest solutions for your sluice/dirty utility room provision.

It is our ambition to work with you to devise a complete sluice/dirty utility solution that not only meets your business needs but your professional standards as well.

We can support you with the installation and maintenance of:

Pulpmatic pulp macerators
Panamatic bedpan washer disinfectors
Incomatic incontinence waste macerator
Hygenex sluice room Stainless Steel Furniture  & Consumable Products

We support all equipment from all manufacturers

Our qualified engineers carry out installations, audits, HTM2030 validation, and maintenance of all sluice/dirty utility room equipment.

We service and repair all types of equipment from all manufacturers of pulp and Incontinence macerators and bedpan washers.