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Zoe Completes The British Heart Foundation Charity Action Challenge

Zoe Holiday, our Marketing Director has just completed an action challenge for The British Heart Foundation raising nearly £2,000.  Lots of baking for charity cake sales along with the many generous donations given through her just giving page  all contributed to help her achieve this incredible amount for the charity. Zoe’s challenge was to cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia covering 427km […]

5 Key Ways to Control Infection in Nursing and Care Homes

Nursing and care homes provide an invaluable service, offering safety, compassion and professional assistance to those who cannot continue to look after themselves at their own residence. Endeavouring to feel akin to a home-away-from-home, as opposed to a hospital facility, residential care allows many elderly and unwell people to live with peace of mind; their […]

DDC Dolphin Offers To Check Competitor’s Macerators Hit By Alert

Engineers at DDC Dolphin are offering to help hospitals and care facilities after a rival manufacturer’s waste macerators became the subject of an alert. Dozens of hospitals and care facilities across the country face a higher risk of infections after a competitor’s machines failed to meet a UK Water Supply safety requirement. The issue with […]

360° Care Cover from Infection Control Specialists DDC Dolphin

Infection control and sluice room specialist DDC Dolphin is enhancing its lifesaving protection for healthcare patients and clinicians by offering a new 360° Care Cover package. DDC Dolphin has launched three new levels of 360° Care Cover for its bedpan washer/disinfectors and medical pulp macerators for hospitals and care homes. The highest-level Ultimate Package (bedpan […]

3 Ways that Macerator Blockages Impact the Role of Clinicians

In 2013, the University Hospitals of Leicester dealt with around seven calls a day for pipes and drains to be unblocked [1] Not only was this a sinkhole for the hospital’s budget, but the impact on patient care was significant. Areas would frequently be closed for maintenance and cleaning, reducing access to much-needed facilities and […]

The Real Price of Cheap Consumables for Washer Disinfectors

A combination of tight budgets and busy wards equate to higher demands for procurement. The push to provide the best results, with more frugal supplies, is increasing. No healthcare facility wants to put purchasing decisions before patient wellbeing. The constant demand for consumable medical products mean that buying in bulk, from a reliable supply chain, […]

Are your Care Home Commode Cleaning Standards up to Scratch?

When managing a busy residential care home, you’ll be all too familiar with how quickly communal items must be cleaned and put back to work. But are you maintaining good hygiene standards in the process? Commodes are an essential part of dignified day-to-day living for many. Those with limited mobility, in particular, are reliant on […]

Trust DDC Dolphin to Service, Maintain and Repair ALL Macerator & Washer Disinfector Models

Almost every hospital in the UK relies on macerators and washer disinfectors to underpin an effective infection control strategy. Uptime of this machinery is, therefore, an absolute priority. The manual washing of bedpans is now considered an outdated practice, and for good reason – the inability to guarantee complete disinfection, as well as the potential […]