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Top 5 Technologies to Prevent Infection

Growth and change are integral to the thriving nature of bacteria. Advancing technology is our greatest defence.   The medical technology industry is worth some £7.6 billion in the UK alone[1]. Spanning a host of fields, the developmental nature of medicine is boundless. Until the last disease is cured (and the final injury prevented), there will […]

10 Golden Rules for Effective Macerator Use

The hygienic, clinical disposal of human waste products is rarely more efficient then when a macerator is used. Our ‘10 Golden Rules’ explain how best to utilise your maceration equipment, so the highest level of infection control can be achieved at your medical facility. For many institutions, medical pulp and incontinence pad macerators are an […]

What to do in the event of a Catastrophic Breakdown

Hospital macerators and washer disinfectors are an essential part of many infection control procedures. But what about when things go wrong? As an estimate, at least 400,000 people are killed by preventable medical errors every year. This number includes those who fall victim to HCAIs, and a vast majority of these are a result of […]

QUIZ Do you know your Infection Control Procedure?

Your infection control procedures are pivotal to the safety of your patients and service users, as well as impacting on the wellbeing of caregivers, budgets and operational procedures. How well do you know common infection control procedures? Take this quiz to find out. 1. Hand washing is critical to infection control. Which of these is […]