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Why You Need to Stop Washing Bedpans by Hand

Cleaning bedpans and similar waste disposal utensils is a part of everyday life for those working in hospital, care home and other healthcare settings. Whilst most hospitals and care facilities have been using mechanised bedpan washers for decades, there are still many which wash bedpans by hand. Despite industry wide awareness and the abundance of […]

How Limescale Impacts on Infection Control

Bedpan washers are a tried and tested infection control solution. Specially designed to disinfect reusable bedpans and utensils, they protect clinicians and patients by eliminating the need to wash by hand. Aside from being exceedingly unpleasant for the clinician, washing bedpans by hand only removes the visible – the infectious material – leaving behind the […]

How Pulp Products Protect your Staff

If you work in an environment such as a hospital or care home where your infection control solution is paramount for the safety of your patients, you will be aware of the many steps required to prevent the spread of infection in your facility. Whilst patient safety is always at the centre of your infection […]

Why a Cough is an Infection Control Risk

Diseases have always had the capacity to stagger medical science with their capacity to infect, multiply and spread. Smallpox – before its eradication in 1979 – was one of the most feared diseases in the world due to both its rate of infection and 30% mortality rate. Because it was an airborne virus it had […]

Are you managing your assets?

  Regardless of your setting, managing your sluice/dirty utility room is a vital part of keeping your hospital, care home or school running smoothly and free of infectious diseases. Of course all good infection control starts with an infection control strategy. But assuming you have that established, what about keeping your sluice/dirty utility room running […]

Training at Royal Worcester Hospital

Robert Scott, our National Sales Manager has been working closely with the Infection Control team at the Royal Worcester Hospital delivering training and seminars on best practice in the sluice room.  He has been  instructing and advising the Infection Control Link Nurses on daily and weekly HTM procedures which is integral to the service offering we supply […]