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Are Pulp Macerators Wasteful?

The importance of safeguarding patients and clinicians from infection is paramount to a safe and successful healthcare environment. So choosing a human waste disposal method for your care setting should be an easy choice – the fastest, most effective method available. Nothing else should come into consideration. But invariably, it does. What else should I […]

Frequently Asked Questions

We like questions. Questions help us understand our clients better, challenge us to improve and serve as a sense check for all we do – how does X feature benefit clinicians, for example. As we get to know new clients, questions inevitably crop up in discussions – as one would expect – about particular features, […]

What you Should Expect from Infection Control Solutions

‘Life finds a way’. This line, immortalised by Jeff Goldblum in the 1993 action adventure Jurassic Park, elegantly sums up the fight against infection and disease. The growing tide of antibiotic resistant super bugs is proof that – given enough time and the right conditions – a living organism regardless of size can adapt, overcome […]

Bedpan Washers vs Pulp Macerators

The only real difference is that the maceration cycle is shorter than a bedpan washer disinfection cycle, but only by a few minutes. Because of the way bedpan washers and pulp macerators work you may find that bedpan washers, by design, are slightly more versatile in terms of where you can install them. The majority […]