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Adison Equipment Sign as Official Distributors

We are delighted to announce the signing of our official distributor agreement with our partners in India, Adison Equipment.  Martin Priest, Chairman of DDC Dolphin and Suresh Choudhary , owner of Adison Equipment signed the official documents while attending Arab Health in Dubai this week. Based in New Delhi, Adison Equipment are dedicated to helping the […]

Supporting our Employees and the British Heart Foundation

During 2017 DDC Dolphin were keen to support a number of charitable activities through our internal teams and we will continue to help throughout 2018 where we can. Zoe Holiday, our Marketing Director has signed up to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation by cycling 427km from Vietnam to Cambodia in October 2018. This […]

Pulp Macerators – What to Consider

As a means of infection control pulp macerators are – relatively speaking – the new kid on the block. Before bedpan washer disinfectors, bedpans were washed by hand and – in fact – in some parts of the world still are. The unpleasantness aside, washing bedpans by hand posed (and poses) a major risk to […]

What is HTM 2030 and Why is it Important

It will come as little surprise that no matter what industry you’re in there are accreditations, certifications and qualifications required to operate, deliver a service or sell a product. Especially if that product or service can have a direct impact on people. The infection control industry is no different; our solutions being held to a […]

Unseen Benefits of Maceration

  There are many unseen benefits of maceration, view our infographic to see how using maceration and single use pulp products can save time and money and safeguard patients and protect staff. To find out more about the benefits of maceration contact us today      

Top Loading Bedpan Washer Disinfectors – What to Consider

Bedpan washer disinfectors are a tried and tested infection control solution that remains a firm favourite in care homes and certain medical facilities around the world. Although alternatives exist in the form of front loading bedpan washer disinfectors and pulp macerators, the top loading bedpan washer disinfector still represents an effective infection control solution. However, […]

Washers and Macerators are Clean

We talk about cleanliness a lot. No matter what setting you operate in, good hygiene and disinfection practices keep your clinicians and your patients or residents safe from infectious disease all underpinned by a robust sluice/dirty utility room solution. Whether your facility uses bedpan washers or pulp macerators, as long as you have people to […]

Keeping Hygiene Front of Mind

Hygiene is drummed into us from a young age. It usually starts with the more unsavoury lessons – like don’t pick your nose – and gradually migrates to the importance of showers, deodorant and good sexual health. It’s only when some of us dedicate themselves to caring for others do we fully appreciate how important […]