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3 Common Macerator Faults and How to Prevent Them

Medical Pulp macerators are integral to many infection control strategies. In order for them to adequately serve your clinicians and service users, reliable uptime is a must. If you don’t take care of your sluice room machinery, it can’t take care of you – it’s that simple. Responsible for the sanitary disposal of pulp products […]

Why do I need an Incontinence Pad Macerator and a Pulp Macerator?

If your hospital or care home has already moved away from bedpan washers, you may think that a pulp macerator will be a silver bullet, covering all your human waste disposal and infection control concerns with a single solution. In reality, this is a half-truth. Although a pulp macerator will absolutely improve sanitation (and is […]

How to Stay Compliant with Sluice Room Legislation

Ensuring that your sluice room is fit for purpose, as well as meeting the relevant legislation, starts right from the concept stage. Healthcare acquired infections (HCAIs) are an ever-present threat in medical facilities. For as long as this is the case (and, realistically, we’re unlikely to experience a future without bacteria), infection control must be […]

Sanctuary Group Endorse DDC Dolphin Services

DDC Dolphin have been the preferred service contractor and supplier for Sanctuary Group for a number of years now, and our relationship continues to go from strength to strength. Having used our services since 2011, Sanctuary Group signed up to our Planned Preventative Maintenance programmes in 2014 with numerous benefits. PPM programmes are the best […]

Why Use a Cleaning Efficacy Test For Your Washer Disinfector?

Washer disinfectors are essential to keep reusable bedpans safe for service users. Often in high demand and used multiple times a day, plastic and stainless-steel bedpans are part of day-to-day life in many hospitals and care homes. Due to their usage, bedpan hygiene must be carefully managed. Thorough disposal of waste, followed by scrupulous cleaning, […]

NHS Names DDC Dolphin a Preferred Supplier for Medical Pulp Macerators

Infection control specialist DDC Dolphin has been named an NHS preferred supplier for medical pulp macerators across the UK. NHS hospitals and care facilities can now choose DDC Dolphin sluice room macerators to dispose safely of medical pulp and human waste – protecting patients and staff from infection. DDC Dolphin is one of just two […]

Can a Dietary Strategy Reduce C. Diff Infection Rates?

Clostridium Difficile is one of the UK’s most prevalent HCAIs, with 24 people out of every 10,000 acquiring a C. Diff infection [1] C. Diff causes severe diarrhoea, with the consequences of catching the bacterial infection ranging from severe dehydration, colon damage or even death. Adults over the age of 65 are particularly at risk, […]

The 3 Major HCAI’s which are Denatured by your Washer Disinfector

DDC Dolphin washer disinfectors kill 99.99% of known bacteria. Where reusable bedpans are in circulation, their use should be considered essential. Even in the absence of enzymatic cleaners and detergents, washer disinfectors are effective in eliminating many microorganisms. Using steam to heat its chamber to 80 degrees Celsius, a washer disinfector will maintain this temperature […]

DDC Dolphin Supports Charity Cycle

Martin Priest, Chairman of DDC Dolphin presents a fundraising cheque to Marketing Director Zoe Holiday for The British Heart Foundation in support of her completing a charity cycle ride from Vietnam to Cambodia. Zoe, who spent 9 months preparing for the challenge said the experience was inspiring. ‘It was very hot and humid and we […]

What is a Sluice Room?

When we consider the question of ‘what is a sluice room’, the first response should be ‘very important indeed!’ But what exactly does a sluice room do, and why is it so critical? The sluice room is a closed area found in hospitals, care homes and special needs schools; it may also be present in […]

Zoe Completes The British Heart Foundation Charity Action Challenge

Zoe Holiday, our Marketing Director has just completed an action challenge for The British Heart Foundation raising nearly £2,000.  Lots of baking for charity cake sales along with the many generous donations given through her just giving page  all contributed to help her achieve this incredible amount for the charity. Zoe’s challenge was to cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia covering 427km […]

5 Key Ways to Control Infection in Nursing and Care Homes

Nursing and care homes provide an invaluable service, offering safety, compassion and professional assistance to those who cannot continue to look after themselves at their own residence. Endeavouring to feel akin to a home-away-from-home, as opposed to a hospital facility, residential care allows many elderly and unwell people to live with peace of mind; their […]

DDC Dolphin Offers To Check Competitor’s Macerators Hit By Alert

Engineers at DDC Dolphin are offering to help hospitals and care facilities after a rival manufacturer’s waste macerators became the subject of an alert. Dozens of hospitals and care facilities across the country face a higher risk of infections after a competitor’s machines failed to meet a UK Water Supply safety requirement. The issue with […]

360° Care Cover from Infection Control Specialists DDC Dolphin

Infection control and sluice room specialist DDC Dolphin is enhancing its lifesaving protection for healthcare patients and clinicians by offering a new 360° Care Cover package. DDC Dolphin has launched three new levels of 360° Care Cover for its bedpan washer/disinfectors and medical pulp macerators for hospitals and care homes. The highest-level Ultimate Package (bedpan […]

3 Ways that Macerator Blockages Impact the Role of Clinicians

In 2013, the University Hospitals of Leicester dealt with around seven calls a day for pipes and drains to be unblocked [1] Not only was this a sinkhole for the hospital’s budget, but the impact on patient care was significant. Areas would frequently be closed for maintenance and cleaning, reducing access to much-needed facilities and […]

The Real Price of Cheap Consumables for Washer Disinfectors

A combination of tight budgets and busy wards equate to higher demands for procurement. The push to provide the best results, with more frugal supplies, is increasing. No healthcare facility wants to put purchasing decisions before patient wellbeing. The constant demand for consumable medical products mean that buying in bulk, from a reliable supply chain, […]

Are your Care Home Commode Cleaning Standards up to Scratch?

When managing a busy residential care home, you’ll be all too familiar with how quickly communal items must be cleaned and put back to work. But are you maintaining good hygiene standards in the process? Commodes are an essential part of dignified day-to-day living for many. Those with limited mobility, in particular, are reliant on […]

Trust DDC Dolphin to Service, Maintain and Repair ALL Macerator & Washer Disinfector Models

Almost every hospital in the UK relies on macerators and washer disinfectors to underpin an effective infection control strategy. Uptime of this machinery is, therefore, an absolute priority. The manual washing of bedpans is now considered an outdated practice, and for good reason – the inability to guarantee complete disinfection, as well as the potential […]

Understanding the Importance of Weekly Washer Disinfector Tests

Balancing the bedpans (figuratively, of course) is a vital part of hospital ward and care home management. When your bedpans are reusable, there’s an even greater need to stay on top of patient need, disinfection and recirculation; any break in the cycle could have catastrophic consequences. If you’re using a washer disinfector for your reusable […]

Reusable Bedpan Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning reusable bedpans by hand is not advisable. Aside from the fact that it’s a very unpleasant task for clinicians, cleaning bedpans by hand is more than unpleasant; it’s extremely unsanitary and exposes both patients and staff to dire infection risks. Risk can be reduced by carefully managing your healthcare institution’s practices; for example, only […]

Delighted to support Southmead Hospital Charity

We were delighted to give our support to Southmead Hospital Charity at the Hallsay Golf day which took place on Wednesday 12th September. The team was made up of our own Kieran Wood and Steve Carmichael plus golfers from GCP Architects and Woodstock Timber. It was a fun day and we were one of only […]

Why choose Stainless Steel Furniture for your Sluice Room?

Stainless steel furniture is a hallmark of pristine surgical suites, thus raising the bar for what we expect to see in safe, sanitary and advanced medical settings. The sluice room may appear to have a humble purpose, but in reality, it’s just as critical to patient and clinician safety as the operating theatre and hospital […]

2nd Place on the Day!

DDC Dolphin were just pipped at the post by Randalls Randoms at the Remedy Oak Golf Club charity golf day 2018.  It was a great day of golf for our team who came in second overall with  Stuart Freeman  having the best indivdual score for the day.  The event was an extremely well organised and competitive event which was […]

What is the difference between a Clean and Dirty Utility Room?

Hospitals contain a matrix of facilities which work together to meet a common goal – outstanding patient care. From the complex to the apparently mundane, medical institutions must take a holistic approach to wellbeing. Whether the goal is recovery or comfort, patients need to be given the best possible chance to achieve this end. Exposure […]

Top 10 Tips for Sluice Room Efficiency

Your sluice room is in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Manage these moments well, and your patients will be safe and comfortable, with more time available for bedside care from clinicians. A lack of efficiency, however, will leave service users exposed to infection, as well as further potential catastrophe for your […]

Sanitary Today, Sustainable Tomorrow: Where does Macerated Pulp Go?

The sustainability of our planet is everybody’s business. From re-using our shopping bags to re-filling printer ink cartridges, reducing waste is key to preserving valuable natural resources, landfill space and energy. Aside from our personal responsibilities in everyday domestic life, many industries have an astronomically high rate of consumption; 24 million tonnes of waste is produced […]

All Aboard IHEEM 75th Anniversary Celebrations

We were delighted to attend the IHEEM 75th Anniversary Celebrations aboard HMS Warrior in Portsmouth held on the evening of Friday 17th August.  The event was held aboard the magnificent HMS Warrior on the waterfront at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard and was one of a number of events throughout the year celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the […]

How DDC Dolphin can help you comply with NHS Standard Infection Control Procedures

Managing HCAIs is a major concern for healthcare providers. To help tackle this critical issue, the NHS Standard Infection Control Procedures provide a comprehensive guide for good practice. DDC Dolphin’s unique human waste disposal systems are an ideal solution to help you meet these standards and ensure that you provide the safest possible care.

The Ultimate Sluice Room Checklist

Whether for a hospital, a care home or a special needs school, your sluice room or human waste disposal area must be well-planned and adequately stocked in order to remain sanitary. In the fight against HCAIs, very little is more important than good hygiene. When it comes to disposing of human waste, having your sluice […]

Top 5 Technologies to Prevent Infection

Growth and change are integral to the thriving nature of bacteria. Advancing technology is our greatest defence.   The medical technology industry is worth some £7.6 billion in the UK alone[1]. Spanning a host of fields, the developmental nature of medicine is boundless. Until the last disease is cured (and the final injury prevented), there will […]

10 Golden Rules for Effective Macerator Use

The hygienic, clinical disposal of human waste products is rarely more efficient then when a macerator is used. Our ‘10 Golden Rules’ explain how best to utilise your maceration equipment, so the highest level of infection control can be achieved at your medical facility. For many institutions, medical pulp and incontinence pad macerators are an […]

What to do in the event of a Catastrophic Breakdown

Hospital macerators and washer disinfectors are an essential part of many infection control procedures. But what about when things go wrong? As an estimate, at least 400,000 people are killed by preventable medical errors every year. This number includes those who fall victim to HCAIs, and a vast majority of these are a result of […]

QUIZ Do you know your Infection Control Procedure?

Your infection control procedures are pivotal to the safety of your patients and service users, as well as impacting on the wellbeing of caregivers, budgets and operational procedures. How well do you know common infection control procedures? Take this quiz to find out. 1. Hand washing is critical to infection control. Which of these is […]

Great day of Golf at Brendon Care

We were delighted to support the Charity Golf Day for Brendon Care. It was an extremely well organised competitive event, thoroughly enjoyed by all of our team and all who attended.  The event raised £10,899, every penny of this incredible amount will go towards helping them to continue to transform the lives of older people […]

How to Prepare your Care Home for a CQC Inspection

A surprise visit to your Care Home from the Care Quality Commission can seem daunting, but it needn’t be. Keep your staff prepared and it can be a great opportunity to demonstrate the excellence of your facility, including its infection control procedures. Visiting services is a vital part of the Care Quality Commission’s work. As […]

Planned Service & Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure: keep well-maintained sluice and dirty utility room machinery at the heart of your infection control procedure. When running your healthcare facility, you know better than to leave infection control to chance. Your nursing staff are scrupulous in their approach to hygiene standards, with the best possible equipment provided to assist […]

How does a Hospital Macerator Work

Macerators provide an unparalleled level of safe human waste disposal in healthcare settings. Minimising the handling of waste while simultaneously maximising its safe removal from your facility, a pulp macerator is key to hygienic sluice/dirty utility room operation. When caring for patients and service users, the management of human waste disposal is a necessity. Implementing […]

Why Hand Hygiene is Important for Infection Control

On each square centimetre of your skin, there are around 1,500 bacteria. Are you surprised? One of the most basic hygiene practices in day-to-day life is to wash your hands; but all too often, it’s neglected. A recent survey showed that up to 60% of commuters have faecal bacteria on their fingers, with those travelling […]

Why & How would you use a Bedpan Washer Disinfector

Infection control in hospitals, care facilities, hospices and special needs schools is a pressing concern for caregivers and facility management alike. E. coli infections contributed to over 5,500 deaths in 2016. It’s a frightening number. However, statistics also show that infection management is continuously improving, with MRSA and C. difficile cases reducing by 57% and […]

FAQ’s – Bedpan Washer Disinfector Maintenance

We like questions – they help us understand our clients better, challenge us to improve our services, and serve as a sense check for everything we do. So we decided to collate some of our most frequently asked questions around washer disinfector maintenance and PPM contracts. If your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate […]

What Can I Dispose of in a Pulp Macerator?

If you work in a hospital, care home or special school you’ll know how important your method of human waste disposal is to your infection control strategy. That’s why it’s so vital to keep your waste disposal equipment in good working order and avoid breakdowns to prevent the possibility of an infection outbreak in your […]

10 Golden Rules on How to Keep Your Bedpan Washer in Good Working Order

Whether you work in a hospital, care or nursing home, hospice, or a special school, if you have a bedpan washer, your staff need to know how to use it – and use it correctly. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that not everyone is trained to the same standards. This is when problems can arise […]

What are the Alternatives to Bedpan Washers?

Choosing your facility’s method of human waste disposal is a major task. You need to be sure that the method you choose will prevent the spread of infection in your facility, as well as meet the standards expected by your country’s health service. There are a multitude of factors to take into consideration: organizational, environmental, […]

What are the Benefits of a Hands-free Bedpan Washer Disinfector?

We’ve already discussed the multitude of reasons why you should not wash bedpans by hand and instead use an automated bedpan disinfector. Washer disinfectors are a quantum leap forwards in terms of their effectiveness in fully disinfecting reusable plastic or metal bedpans: They heat the internal chamber to 80°C – the temperature required to kill […]

Care Home Sluice Room Best Practice Guidelines

Care and nursing homes are, by their very nature, hotbeds for the potential spread of infection. Risks are increased due to the sharing of dining rooms and living accommodation, and the fact that residents are generally more susceptible to infection. Age, underlying medical conditions, lower immunity and the use of devices like catheters and feeding […]

How to Wash Bedpans with a Washer Disinfector

If you’re reading this blog you might be new to using an automated bedpan washer disinfector – perhaps you’ve just had one installed in your hospital sluice/dirty utility/pan room or in your care home. Or maybe you just need a bit of a refresher on how to use your machine correctly to ensure that your […]

Why You Need to Stop Washing Bedpans by Hand

Cleaning bedpans and similar waste disposal utensils is a part of everyday life for those working in hospital, care home and other healthcare settings. Whilst most hospitals and care facilities have been using mechanised bedpan washers for decades, there are still many which wash bedpans by hand. Despite industry wide awareness and the abundance of […]

How Limescale Impacts on Infection Control

Bedpan washers are a tried and tested infection control solution. Specially designed to disinfect reusable bedpans and utensils, they protect clinicians and patients by eliminating the need to wash by hand. Aside from being exceedingly unpleasant for the clinician, washing bedpans by hand only removes the visible – the infectious material – leaving behind the […]