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Business Growth Success for DDC Dolphin

DDC Dolphin Ltd was founded in 1991 in the UK where it now operates in over 26 countries across all 6 continents, with a trusted distribution network reaching over 30,000 customers. DDC Dolphin, specialists in global Sluice Room solutions, today announced the expansion of its facilities to accommodate the continued demand for their quality products […]

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases

Despite what you may hear in certain parts of the world, climate change is a real issue which is affecting sea levels, climates and eco systems around the world. In the last 100 years, sea level has risen by 17 centimetres with the top 700 metres showing signs of warming, impacting on coral reefs, fish […]

The Cost of HCAIs

Going into hospital for any length of time can be an anxious experience. Having an operation, however minor, is scary because whilst the belief is that everything will go well there’s a slim chance it couldn’t. However, for all those niggling fears, we go through with the operation and come out the other side a […]

How Infections Migrate

It would have been hard to miss the deeply troubling and often distressing news about the spread of the Zika virus in South America last year. Transmitted by the Aedes Mosquito, this disease causes a rash and fever to those infected. However it has also been passed from expectant mother to their babies, causing defects, […]