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FP Corporate Brochure 2015 Since 1991 DDC Dolphin has committed itself to supporting hospitals, care facilities, hospices and schools with the sluice / dirty utility room solution to best suit their needs. If your needs are machinery, servicing, planned maintenance or a full solution, we can support you from start to finish. From working with architects at the design stage through to equipment manufacture and installation, DDC Dolphin is committed to providing you with a sluice/dirty utility service you can trust.

Proudly serving our customers & partners around the world for over 25 years

Events & News

  • 20/03/18How Limescale Impacts on Infection Control

    Bedpan washers are a tried and tested infection control solution. Specially designed to disinfect reusable bedpans and utensils, they protect clinicians and patients by eliminating the need to wash by hand

  • 13/03/18How Pulp Products Protect your Staff

    If you work in an environment such as a hospital or care home where your infection control solution is paramount for the safety of your patients, you will be aware of the many steps required to prevent the spread of infection in your facility.

    Whilst patient safety is always at the centre of your infection control efforts, you should also be conscious of the necessity to keep your staff safe and prevent them from becoming vectors for infection

  • 06/03/18Why a Cough is an Infection Control Risk

    Diseases have always had the capacity to stagger medical science with their capacity to infect, multiply and spread.

    Smallpox – before its eradication in 1979 – was one of the most feared diseases in the world due to both its rate of infection and 30% mortality rate

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