Repair Repair


various spanners isolated on the white backgroundMalfunctions and breakdowns cause delays, frustrate clinicians but, most importantly, they put people at risk of infectious diseases.

Any failure of equipment could mean waste is left exposed to the air either through backlog or migration through your facility to another sluice/dirty utility room putting a growing number of individuals at risk, not least the vulnerable people in your care.

To keep any such disruptions and the associated risks to an absolute minimum we have created a team of highly trained engineers who capable of repairing any sluice/dirty utility machine currently on the market.

We believe this is the best way to provide our customers, whatever field they operate in, the best possible level of support and service.

Our engineers are:

  • Specialists in bedpan washers, macerators and other related sluice/dirty utility room equipment.
  • DDC Dolphin certified: all of our engineers go through rigorous training during their onboard process.
  • Strategically located to give the very best coverage.
  • Experienced in current makes and models of sluice/dirty utility room machinery.

Additionally, all of our processes and repair activities are monitored as part of our continual improvement policy.

If you require support or would like to know more about our repair or maintenance services, contact us today.