Panamatic Optima 2

Designed for both hot and cold wash cycles before disinfection, the Panamatic Optima 2 is a versatile bedpan washer with large capacity to cope with high demand wards or care settings.Panamatic Optima 2

The multi-directional wash array dispenses water under high pressure to deliver superior cleaning whilst reducing water usage.

Our patented Hands free Technology makes it one of our safest to operate solutions as it prevents the spread of any spores from the soiled items to the unit itself.

Thermal disinfection complies with the very latest standards and guidelines, including HTM2030.


  • Hands free technology reduces risk of infection
  • Dual Antimicrobial action
  • Large capacity
  • Automatic disinfection
  • Multi-directional Wash Array

To view the full specification, download our PDF