Washer Disinfectors – Top Loading Washer Disinfectors – Top Loading

Washer Disinfectors – Top Loading

Top Loading Washer Disinfectors2Maintaining the hygiene of bedpans, commode pots, slipper pans, urine bottles etc is a pressing challenge.

Failure to effectively disinfect any of these items can lead to major outbreaks of HCAIs as well as costly replacements due to accelerated deterioration.

Our top loading Panamatic range is designed to be as user friendly as possible, including a single multipurpose wash rack.

Multi-Directional Wash Array

Using fixed and rotating wash nozzles, the wash array is carefully designed to maximise dispersal whilst minimising water wastage.

Compact Design

The top-loading Panamatic range provides the perfect balance between form and function, providing an industry leading solution without compromising space in your sluice/dirty utility room.

Panamatic Mini

Panamatic MiniCapacity e.g. 1 pot + 1 urine bottle

Compact design ideal for low demand areas with the added benefit of our hands free technology operation.







Panamatic Midi

Panamatic MidiCapacity  e.g. 2 pots + 1 urine bottle

The moderate capacity Midi is designed to accommodate the needs of low intensity hospital wards and small care or supported accommodation settings.






Panamatic Maxi & Maxi+

Panamatic MaxiCapacity  e.g. 3 round or 2 square commode pots.

Equipped with an extra large wash chamber, the Maxi & Maxi+ offer a highly durable solution for high demand environments such as nursing care or high demand dependency units.






Panamatic Optima 2

Panamatic Optima 2Capacity  e.g. 2 bedpans with lids and 2 urinal bottles.

Designed for moderate usage, it offers both cold and hot prewash options and a fast cleaning cycle to save time and cut costs.






Panamatic Optima 3

Panamatic Optima3Capacity  e.g. 3 bedpans with lids and 2 large bowls.

Designed for high traffic hospital settings, the Optima 3 offers a hot prewash and a large chamber to keep pace with the demands of busy wards.