Panamatic XLC

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Our most compact bedpan washer to date, the Panamatic XLC is designed to quickly and effectively disinfect human waste containers in environments where space is at a premium, such as small clinics and care facilities.

The XLC can be wall mounted, installed in a unit or under a worktop counter to maximum efficiency and space saving. Whilst the digital display and intelligent control system makes use straight forward, saving you time.

Our thermal disinfection technology rapidly and effectively decontaminates items fully in compliance with European Standards ISO15883.

All of our Panamatic XL range comes fitted with our Empty Total System. This is a special device for automatically emptying all of the water present at the end of each cycle from the water pump, water storage tank and pipes, ensuring a consistent hygienic and efficient system.


  • Hands free Technology available
  • ISO15883 compliant
  • Compact Design
  • Empty Total System
  • Automatic disinfection

To view the full specification, download our PDF