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Pulp Macerators

Through decades of research and innovation we have set a new standard in low risk, low cost to run, maceration solutions to safely dispose of biodegradable pulp product bedpans and bottles.

Anti-microbial Action

Our anti-microbial surface and patented hands free technology ensures your clinicians or care workers can safely dispose of potentially harmful waste with the minimum risk of infection.

Hands free Technology

All of our macerators use our patented Hands free Technology, avoiding unnecessary contact with the macerator thus preventing the spread of harmful spores to the device or from the device to the clinician.

Pulpmatic Ultima

Pulpmatic UltimaMacerates 4-6 pulp items per cycle – 120 secs

Designed for busy dirty utility rooms, the Pulpmatic Ultima can cope in high use areas and its unique 9 bladed macerating technology allows for rapid cycle time and low noise levels.



Pulpmatic Eco

Pulpmatic EcoMacerates 3-4 pulp items per cycle – 95 secs

Eco-friendly pulp macerator, specially designed to cope with most regular usage patterns, ensuring disposal with minimum use of water and electricity.




Pulpmatic Uno

Compact designPulpmatic Uno ideal for low demand areas, single bed wards or ensuite facilities, with low noise and extremely low water and electricity consumption.







Wall Recessed Uno


Macerates 1-2 pulp items per cycle – 65 secsUno Recessed

Compact design ideal for low demand areas with the added benefit of our click & fit disinfection dosing system

This machine is suitable for new buildings and refurbishments