DDC Dolphin have been market-leading specialists in dirty utility room / sluice room design, and the manufacture, installation, testing, and maintenance of dirty utility room / sluice room equipment in the UK, since the company was established in 1991.

DDC Dolphin is the only firm in the UK that focuses solely on dirty utility rooms / sluice rooms. This focus enables us to provide unbiased, professional, and comprehensive expert advice on all types of equipment, and to suit all requirements. This unique approach in the UK marketplace has seen DDC Dolphin go from strength to strength. Our unique and valuable expertise is recognised by our inclusion within the NHS Supply Chain framework as suppliers of HTM20 30 / 01 01 testing, pulp macerator servicing, incontinence macerator servicing, and bedpan washer servicing.

Our specialist approach has recently resulted in the publication of an international patent for new hands-free technology incorporated into our new Pulpmatic bedpan macerator. Our design and manufacturing team is currently incorporating microbe safe surfaces into our product line.

DDC Dolphin is a unique story of specialisation and innovation in dirty utility rooms / sluice rooms, and how this expertise has been leveraged to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.