DDC Dolphin products on display at ISHWMCON – New Delhi

New Delhi – November 14th & 15th November

AIIMSDDC Dolphin’s North India distributor Adison Equipment Company took part in ISHWMCON 2015, the International conference on Hospital Waste Management and Infection control held on 14th and 15th November in New Delhi. This was a joint venture between All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management. The international conference addressed the challenges in achieving sustainable waste management solutions and showcase best practices in infection control, a platform to showcase the value of new technologies, economic viability, and ecological preservation in all stages of waste handling, management and infection control.  This was the perfect place to showcase our Pulpmatic Ultima macerator which met all the criteria outlined. Designed to provide an hygienic and safe disposal system for disposable pulp products, it is efficient, economical and  features our patented hands free technology to open, close and operate, greatly reducing the potential for cross contamination, breaking the chain of infection.  Our thanks go to Alok Mathur and the rest of Adison Equipment team for a making the show such a success.