Frequently Asked Questions

We like questions. Questions help us understand our clients better, challenge us to improve and serve as a sense check for all we do – how does X feature benefit clinicians, for example. As we get to know new clients, questions inevitably crop up in discussions – as one would expect – about particular features, […]

What you Should Expect from Infection Control Solutions

‘Life finds a way’. This line, immortalised by Jeff Goldblum in the 1993 action adventure Jurassic Park, elegantly sums up the fight against infection and disease. The growing tide of antibiotic resistant super bugs is proof that – given enough time and the right conditions – a living organism regardless of size can adapt, overcome […]

Bedpan Washers vs Pulp Macerators

The only real difference is that the maceration cycle is shorter than a bedpan washer disinfection cycle, but only by a few minutes. Because of the way bedpan washers and pulp macerators work you may find that bedpan washers, by design, are slightly more versatile in terms of where you can install them. The majority […]

Adison Equipment Sign as Official Distributors

We are delighted to announce the signing of our official distributor agreement with our partners in India, Adison Equipment.  Martin Priest, Chairman of DDC Dolphin and Suresh Choudhary , owner of Adison Equipment signed the official documents while attending Arab Health in Dubai this week. Based in New Delhi, Adison Equipment are dedicated to helping the […]

Supporting our Employees and the British Heart Foundation

During 2017 DDC Dolphin were keen to support a number of charitable activities through our internal teams and we will continue to help throughout 2018 where we can. Zoe Holiday, our Marketing Director has signed up to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation by cycling 427km from Vietnam to Cambodia in October 2018. This […]

Pulp Macerators – What to Consider

As a means of infection control pulp macerators are – relatively speaking – the new kid on the block. Before bedpan washer disinfectors, bedpans were washed by hand and – in fact – in some parts of the world still are. The unpleasantness aside, washing bedpans by hand posed (and poses) a major risk to […]

What is HTM 2030 and Why is it Important

It will come as little surprise that no matter what industry you’re in there are accreditations, certifications and qualifications required to operate, deliver a service or sell a product. Especially if that product or service can have a direct impact on people. The infection control industry is no different; our solutions being held to a […]

Unseen Benefits of Maceration

  There are many unseen benefits of maceration, view our infographic to see how using maceration and single use pulp products can save time and money and safeguard patients and protect staff. To find out more about the benefits of maceration contact us today      

Top Loading Bedpan Washer Disinfectors – What to Consider

Bedpan washer disinfectors are a tried and tested infection control solution that remains a firm favourite in care homes and certain medical facilities around the world. Although alternatives exist in the form of front loading bedpan washer disinfectors and pulp macerators, the top loading bedpan washer disinfector still represents an effective infection control solution. However, […]

Washers and Macerators are Clean

We talk about cleanliness a lot. No matter what setting you operate in, good hygiene and disinfection practices keep your clinicians and your patients or residents safe from infectious disease all underpinned by a robust sluice/dirty utility room solution. Whether your facility uses bedpan washers or pulp macerators, as long as you have people to […]

Keeping Hygiene Front of Mind

Hygiene is drummed into us from a young age. It usually starts with the more unsavoury lessons – like don’t pick your nose – and gradually migrates to the importance of showers, deodorant and good sexual health. It’s only when some of us dedicate themselves to caring for others do we fully appreciate how important […]

Microbial Migration in a Clinical Setting

If someone is admitted to hospital with an infectious disease there is always a risk that  disease can spread. MRSA and viruses like it can, if left unchecked, infect entire hospital wards at an alarming rate leaving those recovering from other conditions or operations weak and vulnerable. Because hospitals can’t ever be closed environments, controlling […]

Dual Machines

Infection control solutions are a vital component in any facilities efforts to keep patients or residents safe against a harmful outbreak of disease. A properly equipped, well designed sluice/dirty utility room provides a nexus against the spread of infection – especially when a robust infection control policy is written around it. Where sluice/dirty utility rooms […]

Consideration of Equipment for a New Build

Whether you’re building a care home or a hospital, getting your sluice/dirty utility/pan room right is crucial. Not just from a layout point of view but where it sits within the building too. Position it in the wrong place and have too few in your facility and you’re forcing clinicians or carers to walk too […]

Is your Washer Disinfector Infectious?

A sluice/dirty utility/pan room is designed to do one thing – protect you and your fellow clinicians from contracting an infectious disease. It does it in a number of ways but that is its overarching purpose. It achieves this – initially – through its design. Correctly designed sluice/dirty utility/pan rooms have a natural flow to […]

How Good Design can Eliminate Inefficiency

Productivity is everything in the medical and care industries. Clinicians and care workers have high demands but are time poor. Every second counts, especially when it comes to maintaining the health and wellbeing of the elderly and those recovering from an operation or illness. Wasted time through poor process, lack of process or the inadequate […]

World Antibiotics Awareness Week

Last week marked World Antibiotic Awareness Week. Antibiotic resistance, according to the World Health Organisation, is one of the biggest threats to global health and represents the most urgent drug resistant trends. It can compromise the treatment of infectious diseases and it has stalled progress in new treatments and medical breakthroughs. Although antibiotic resistance occurs […]

C. Diff Awareness Month

November marks International C. Diff Awareness month. C. Diff (or Clostridium Difficile), for the unaware, is a particularly aggressive bacterium that can infect the bowel and cause diarrhoea. It’s also everywhere, more or less all the time. Clostridium Difficile is found in the air, water, soil and often in our intestines and therefore in human […]

Keeping Drains Clean and Blockage Free

Adequate drainage and sanitation is one of the cornerstones on which a developed society is built. The ability to quickly and safely remove waste water is vital to not only to human health but the environment as well. It takes a surprisingly small amount of infectious material to contaminate water sources and eco systems and […]

Sluice Rooms Aren’t Dirty

Sluice/Dirty Utility Rooms are an integral part of any hospital. They provide a central nexus that allows nurses to safely dispose of infectious material, clean reusable items as well as observe hand hygiene protocols. The reason they are so critical to the safe and effective functioning of a hospital or care setting is simple. They […]

Celebrating Team Success

We’re celebrating team success at DDC Dolphin this week and couldn’t be more pleased. Our Technical Support Manager  has received certification from recognised providers in a number of Infection Control areas, including Antimicrobial resistance, Antibiotic resistance as well as understand the Ebola Virus and how it can be avoided. This will enable our Technical Team to […]

The Impact of HCAI’s on Children

When a child is admitted to hospital it can be quite a daunting or even scary experience. Depending on their age, maturity or the nature of their visit to hospital, they may not fully understand why they’re being admitted. Or giving them the full story may simply be too upsetting. Throw in the fact that […]

Why is a Sluice Room Designed a Certain Way?

Sluice/dirty utility rooms are dedicated to the safe and efficient disposal of human waste and other potentially infectious material. However, installing a bedpan washer or pulp macerator in a utility closet does not make it a sluice room. Sluice/dirty utility rooms are far from glorified janitor closets, instead performing a vital role in the fight […]

The Truth about Pulp

To the average person pulp is little more than a wet shapeless mass of material usually associated with either making paper or the recycling process. However if you’re providing care to vulnerable adults or those in a clinical setting, pulp is so much more, and so much more important. Medical Pulp utensils in the healthcare […]

Enhanced Regional Support

DDC Dolphin welcomes Ian Heath who joined us on 2nd October as our Regional Service Manager for the South. Ian comes to us with over 30 years of field service experience and has outstanding technical understanding and commercial awareness which will be integral to the creation and delivery of the field service improvements.  

Canadian National Infection Control Week

The 16th to 20th October is National Infection Control Week in Canada. Infection Control Week is intended to raise awareness of the importance of effective infection control methods and best practices but also to review new methods and technologies that can give us the edge in our fight against infection. Educational institutes across the country […]

Dave’s Run to Beat Cancer

Dave Jackson, our Key Account Director is running the 10 mile Great South Run in support of Cancer Research UK.  Dave has experienced loss due to cancer first hand and like many others who witness cancer he wants to help bring forward a day when all cancers are cured. Cancer is a disease which effects millions of people […]

What are Protozoa

Protozoa are abundant in the world. Wherever there are bodies of water, soil, bogs or desert you can more or less guarantee that it will be teeming with single celled life such as the amoeba and ciliates. Of the 50,000 different types, some protozoa are solitary organisms; others live within colonies, whereas others are parasitic […]

Proud Sponsors of KB Sports Football Club

This year we are the proud sponsors of  KB Sports football club who’s home ground is Muscliffe Park, Bournemouth.  We are always keen to support our internal teams with their external activities and when we were approached to sponsor this local football team we were happy to help.  The age of the team varies from 22 to 34 with […]

Can glove use increase the risk of infection?

The first recorded use of medical gloves was at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in the year 1890. Far from an aid to healing or infection prevention, it was to protect the hands of the chief nurse of the operating room, Caroline Hampton. She had suffered a reaction to mercuric chloride which was […]

Yellow Bags vs Maceration

Keeping clinicians and patients’ safe from harm is a constant battle for the health sector. Hygiene standards and best practises of fifty years ago pale in comparison to the methods and procedures of modern medical facilities. This isn’t because the world has become more dangerous but the way we interact with the world has changed. […]

Great Oaks Care Home Grand Opening

On the 7th September 2017 the Great Oaks care home in Kinson, Bournemouth opened its doors officially to residents and its families. Although operating since the start of the summer, the grand opening was an opportunity for the providers – Encore Care Homes – to introduce potential residents, their families and the local community to […]

The impact of mosquito borne diseases

The mosquito is responsible for a million deaths a year worldwide. It’s a carrier for malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, tularaemia, Japanese encephalitis, Saint Louis encephalitis, Western equine encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis and Zika fever. It’s little wonder that there is a growing movement […]

What causes blockages?

Wherever there are pipes and flowing water there are blockages, be it under a kitchen sink or on a leafy residential street. Blockages, it seems, are a fact of life. However, what causes them is a major factor because without that knowledge you can’t possibly take any meaningful steps to resolve the issue without blindly […]

What is Antimicrobial Stewardship?

Our clients value our products because we have laced the outer shells with an antimicrobial coating which, in simple terms, prevents harmful microbes from taking root and growing. This means that it’s far easier to keep the machines free of anything harmful, making them safer to use, it also helps to fight the spread of […]

CHES National Conference – Niagara Falls – Canada

In September DDC Dolphin will be attending the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society national conference at the incredible Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. With more than six million cubic feet of water cresting every minute, the Falls creates a powerful backdrop to one of Canada’s biggest healthcare events. CHES represents hundreds of healthcare associations across Canada, […]

Impact of Mechanical Failure on Your Patients

Blockages are a problem, there’s no question.  Their knock-on impact on staff  is evident. The increased time drain on either manually cleaning bedpans or using an alternative sluice/dirty utility room elsewhere in the facility increases over time tasks naturally get backed up. Productivity plummets. There is also an increased risk of infection to clinicians as […]

Macerator Mythbusters

To the uninitiated, pulp macerators are clinical devices that quickly and efficiently dispose of human waste (and the pulp bedpan holding it) without exposing the clinician to risk of infectious disease. The big advantage of this over something like a bedpan washer is there is no further interaction with the bedpan. The entire thing, waste […]

Protecting You and Your Service User

Providing Care Residents with great care is the goal and challenge of every care home in the sector. Whether it’s supported living, dementia care or even supporting people with learning disabilities, making sure service users have everything they need so they can live a fulfilled and happy life is what everyone in the care sector […]

Impact of Blockages on Employees

If your hospital, care home or school is on their game, you will have an infection control strategy in place. That strategy will no doubt be part of every new employee’s induction and is not only regularly reviewed by the appropriate infection control person, but staff/clinicians are regularly tested on their procedural knowledge and understanding. […]

Breaking The Chain of Infection Through Prevention

Regular visitors to our website will know that breaking the chain of infection is something we are utterly committed to. We exist to support hospitals, care homes and specialist education facilities keep their patients, residents or students safe from infection. Every machine we design exists to make that fight a little easier. Because of this […]

The Challenges of Waste Management

Running any kind of supported living environment presents a great many challenges. One of the biggest is engineering an environment that feels, regardless of the residents’ specific requirements, ‘just like home’ all the while still being a safe and functional care facility. The contradictions are everywhere. The furniture needs to be comfortable yet functional. Rooms […]

The unseen benefits of maceration

Depending on who you talk to, the pulp macerator is either the bane of the modern sluice/dirty utility room or a revolution in the fight against infection control. If you fall into the former camp it could be because you did not receive the necessary support, or you were unaware of just how sophisticated our […]

Are you managing your assets?

Regardless of your setting, managing your sluice/dirty utility room is a vital part of keeping your hospital, care home or school running smoothly and free of infectious diseases. Of course all good infection control starts with an infection control strategy. But assuming you have that established, what about keeping your sluice/dirty utility room running cost […]

The Impact of Blockages

Blockages aren’t nice.  Blockages – whether it’s at home, on your way to work or in a clinical setting – cause a lot of problems. If a sewage pipe ruptures on a main road it’s a disaster for commuters, a money pit for the local council and a miserable experience for local residents. If a […]

DDC Dolphin expands its International Business Development Team

DDC Dolphin are pleased to announce the appointment of James Smith as International Business Development Director. The announcement comes as DDC Dolphin move closer towards their ambitious global growth plans within the health care market. Based in the UK, James will lead and support the existing international team in the company’s efforts to position themselves […]

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever. It’s an unfortunate fact of the linear existence we call life. However through looking after ourselves and our environment we can live longer, healthier lives. The same is true of a machine be it a car, a computer or a bedpan washer. Regardless of whether you use DDC Dolphin technology to tackle […]

Thank you CHES Manitoba

We would like to say a huge thank you to the team at CHES Manitoba who did a great job of organising the event held at the Canad Inns Polo Park in Winnipeg.  Our Pulpmatic Uno and Ultima macerators attracted great interest and we were very  honoured to welcome the President of CHES to our stand, Mr […]