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ISO9001 2008 Certificate of Registration

There is so much to consider when managing a health or care facility so our first priority is always you and your business.

It is our aim to innovate, design and build a world leading range of products to support the health and care markets effectively control and reduce their exposure to infectious disease.

Our state-of-the-art bedpan washer disinfectors, incontinence macerators, and pulp macerators are produced in the United Kingdom to highest specifications to provide you with a product you can have total faith in.

Each one of our products is designed with the intense demands of both the unit and its user in mind.

We aim to provide the very best quality innovative products, at competitive prices.

Each machine is made from high quality stainless steel to make it as resilient as possible. Where appropriate it conforms to HTM 64 and ISO 15883.

We have incorporated microbe safe surfaces into our range of products to support infection control.

Hands-free operation prevents the transfer of infectious material on to the unit itself and a more efficient dry macerating cycle are both more environmentally friendly and efficient.

We understand that having the right equipment for the job is important for you to minimise risk to your clinicians and patients/service users.

The right equipment helps you to maximise efficiency whilst reducing utility and maintenance costs.

We supplement our specialist equipment with a comprehensive service and maintenance provision, aimed at reducing down-time and costs.

Made in Great Britain