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Supporting the seriously or terminally ill can be an immense challenge as it requires systems and processes to support a wide number of different conditions all with varying levels of severity and risk of infection.

An outbreak of any kind could rob the terminally ill of their dignity and cause friends and family undue distress at an already difficult time.

Getting your sluice / dirty utility room solution right is vital.

DDC Dolphin can support you with:

  • Pulpmatic pulp macerators to cope with varying usage patterns, saving water, electricity and reducing your costs
  • Panamatic washer disinfectors, for washing and disinfecting all types of reusable medical waste containers
  • Incomatic macerators for on-site disposal of incontinence pads and nappies
  • Hygenex stainless steel Sluice and Utility Room equipment and Hygenex consumables

Our dedicated engineers can provide preventative maintenance to keep your sluice/dirty utility room operating without interruption or respond quickly in the event of a malfunction.

We can also provide comprehensive HTM testing programmes to ensure your washer disinfectors are working efficiently and correctly to combat HCAIs.

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