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FP Corporate Brochure 2015 Since 1991 DDC Dolphin has committed itself to supporting hospitals, care facilities, hospices and schools with the sluice / dirty utility room solution to best suit their needs. If your needs are machinery, servicing, planned maintenance or a full solution, we can support you from start to finish. From working with architects at the design stage through to equipment manufacture and installation, DDC Dolphin is committed to providing you with a sluice/dirty utility service you can trust.

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Events & News

  • 07/06/17The unseen benefits of maceration

    Depending on who you talk to, the pulp macerator is either the bane of the modern sluice/dirty utility room or a revolution in the fight against infection control.

    If you fall into the former camp it could be because you did not receive the necessary support, or you were unaware of just how sophisticated our pulp macerators are

  • 02/06/17Are you managing your assets?

    Regardless of your setting, managing your sluice/dirty utility room is a vital part of keeping your hospital, care home or school running smoothly and free of infectious diseases.

    Of course all good infection control starts with an infection control strategy

  • 19/05/17The Impact of Blockages

    Blockages aren’t nice.   Blockages – whether it’s at home, on your way to work or in a clinical setting – cause a lot of problems

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