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FP Corporate Brochure 2015 Since 1991 DDC Dolphin has committed itself to supporting hospitals, care facilities, hospices and schools with the sluice / dirty utility room solution to best suit their needs. If your needs are machinery, servicing, planned maintenance or a full solution, we can support you from start to finish. From working with architects at the design stage through to equipment manufacture and installation, DDC Dolphin is committed to providing you with a sluice/dirty utility service you can trust.

Proudly serving our customers & partners around the world for over 25 years

Events & News

  • 18/01/18Unseen Benefits of Maceration

    To find out more about the benefits of maceration contact us today




  • 16/01/18Top Loading Bedpan Washer Disinfectors - What to Consider

    Bedpan washer disinfectors are a tried and tested infection control solution that remains a firm favourite in care homes and certain medical facilities around the world.

    Although alternatives exist in the form of front loading bedpan washer disinfectors and pulp macerators, the top loading bedpan washer disinfector still represents an effective infection control solution

  • 09/01/18Washers and Macerators are Clean

    We talk about cleanliness a lot.

    No matter what setting you operate in, good hygiene and disinfection practices keep your clinicians and your patients or residents safe from infectious disease all underpinned by a robust sluice/dirty utility room solution

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